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Registration Information: 2021-2022 School Year


2021-2022 Registration

  • Please review the Student Handbook to familiarize yourself with the classes that will be offered at SUMS for the 2021-2022 school year. 

  • Registration at SUMS is a two-step process. The first step of the the process is Prerigistration. We ask that you submit your Preregistration Form via email to at your earliest convenience. Ms. Denise will get back to you with a confirmation of class availability.


  • ​​Due to current circumstances we are unable to conduct school tours at this time, but please review the videos, Classroom Tour and A Day at SUMS, to assist you in understanding what makes SUMS such a special place.

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Our Classes


Below you will see the classes offered here at SUMS. For more information about classes, days, times, and tuition rates for the 2021-2022 school year, please read our student handbook.

Please contact the school office at 321.254.3866 to learn more about our programs and wonderful school.

  • Tiny Two

  • Wee Three

  • Three Year Old

  • VPK

  • Kindergarten





What Does an Ideal Kindergarten Look Like?


Ask any number of educators and parents, and you will get many different descriptions of the ideal kindergarten. But there are certain basic agreements among educators as to what makes a good program. It should:

  • Expand your child’s ability to learn about (and from) the world, to organize information, and to solve problems. This increases his/her feelings of self-worth and confidence, ability to work with others, and interest in challenging tasks.

  • Provide a combination of formal (teacher-initiated) and informal (child-initiated) activities. Investigations and projects allow your child to work both on her own and in small groups.

  • Keep large group activities that require sitting and listening to a minimum. Instead, most activities feature play-based, hands-on learning in small groups. As the year progresses, large group activities become a bit longer in preparation for 1st grade.

  • Foster a love of books, reading, and writing. There are books, words, and kids’ own writing all over the classroom.

When looking at programs, keep these elements in mind — as well as the specific needs of your child and family. Not every program is perfect for every child. Some children thrive in a program with more direction, some with less. Talk to your child’s preschool teacher, visit a few schools, and talk to the principal or a kindergarten teacher before deciding (Scholastic).

In response to multiple requests to extend the SUMS experience beyond VPK, we are continuing to offer Kindergarten for the 2020-2021 school year. In addition to possessing what educators categorize as ideal, SUMS incorporates so much more. I look forward to sharing with you what separates SUMS from other early childhood experiences. Please email Dr. Kelly ( or call 321-254-3866 to get more information and/or register.

Vegetable Picking

                 How Does Your Garden Grow?

Gardening within a school setting and beyond engages children by providing an interactive environment to observe, discover, experiment, nurture, and learn.  School  gardens are living laboratories where interdisciplinary lessons are drawn from real life experiences, encouraging children to become active participants in the learning process.


Studies have shown that school gardens encourage preference and consumption of fruits and vegetables, increase parental support and involvement, and improve childrens’ enthusiasm about preschool, teamwork skills, and self-understanding.


The gardens here at SUMS are a dream that has become a reality because of the kind donations made by our school families, church and community members, and local businesses. Our gardens allows us to further integrate authentic opportunities into our daily learning.


Thank you for continuing to walk with us on this journey.